Welcome to Restoration Time

Here at Restoration Time, based in Derby, we pride ourselves on providing the very best service available at the best price available. We have very low overheads and you will be dealing with us direct with no ‘middle men’ involved, enabling us to offer you a very competitive price for an excellent professional service. We are so confident that you will not find this level of quality at such a good price elsewhere that, if you do, not only will we match that price, we will also give you a further 10% discount on your order. Why go to a Jewellery store? A Jewellery store may well just send your watch back to the manufacturer for repair involving time and expense, and leave you waiting weeks for its return, instead of having your watch where it belongs – on your wrist.

Before and after
Before and after

Refurbishing & restoration
Watch repair & restoration requires great skill, care and experience. Removing scratches from the watch case and bracelet is carried out using a professional three stage polishing technique using only the finest tools and equipment in order to restore your prized possession back to its former glory.

Quartz watch repair
All watch movements have moving parts which, over time wear or dry out and become clogged up with dried out oil and contaminants stopping the watch working or functioning properly. We provide a repair service that strips every part of the movement down and thoroughly cleans every moving part of the mechanism using state of the art ultrasonic cleaning tanks before re-oiling & reassembly. If the watch movement is beyond economical repair we can replace the watch movement fully with a brand new movement.

Battery replacement
Battery replacement is a highly skilled technique that requires the use of the right tools for the job. Getting it wrong can easily short out the circuitry in your watch. Not only will we replace the battery for you using only the best Swiss batteries but your watch will also be resealed and vacuum tested to ensure it stays water resistant and protects the movement to prolong the life of the watch. Many jewellers do not have the knowledge or equipment to do this very specialist job.

Strap replacement
As well as being able to supply bracelets and straps of any manufacture at very reasonable prices, we also provide a fitting service and link removal / replacement service to ensure your watch is a very comfortable fit. Please use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to provide us with the information required to enable us to give you a very competitive price.

Watch sales
As well as watch refurbishment we also buy and sell watches. Please visit our ebay page for more information.